Does The Gap Want You To Feel Bad About Your Body?

gapadI just read on the awesome blog Feministing about a new ad in a Gap store window that says “Put Some Pants On! Because We Can’t All Look Good in Shorts.” The photo at left was taken by journalist Stephanie Marcus, who writes on her blog:

“Another day, another ad that tries to make people buy their products by making you feel bad about your body. I don’t want to harp on this subject, but it seems to be everywhere these days.”

Sigh. I find this ad more than just a little infuriating. It sends the message that that only certain types, shapes and sizes of bodies are acceptable in certain types of clothing, and worse, that unless you are part of the crowd that fits into this acceptable mold, you’d be better off covering your body up.

Well, that’s a bummer, Gap. Especially since now I won’t be able to shop at your store for shorts, pants, or anything else until you eliminate this offensive ad campaign and apologize for using body shame as a ploy to convince us to buy your clothes.

What message do YOU think this ad puts out there? Are you as offended as I am? If so, let The Gap know by writing to them here.

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